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the urban poor

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Q: Which of these groups would be MOST likely to support the sentiments expressed in this nineteenth-century advertising label of Boss Tweed?
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Should government ban TV advertising?

In the interest of free speech, we would not want to ban TV advertisement. However, there should also be regulations against false or misleading advertisement. Freedom of speech is a good thing, but it does have its limits. * i woulnt say it is in the interest of free speech, tv ads are bought they are revenue. Now we have a debate (also an example of free speech). The companies which advertise, and the broadcasters who sell advertising time, are interested in their profits primarily - although even then, advertisement does include political advertisement, which is about larger issues than profits. However, the government, and the voters who elect the politicians who govern, have other interests, and they allow advertisement because they value freedom of speech, not because they feel that it is necessary to support the profits of the TV industry. TV can exist without advertising. People already pay for cable service, so it is possible to control access and to charge for it, using that money to fund the production of TV. That is what happens in some countries. Not all television is supported by advertising, and even in the US there are some stations which do not carry commercial advertising. When the general public allows advertising they do so because they value free speech.

Sample letter request asking support from the government?

If a person needs support from the government , the letter should contain what type of support is needed. The letter should also contain how much support is needed.

During his presidency John Adams?

did not support a war with France.

What was one result of president wilsons stroke?

He had To stop his effort to win support for the league of nations

Why was the entrepreneur has lack of support from the government?

Because the government also has lack of capital to support the businessman or the entrpreneurs.

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What is the Support media in advertising?

Support Media Advertising means the advertising media used to reinforce messages sent to receivers/ audience/markets through other more effective and dominant and more traditional media. Usually outdoor advertising is called support media advertising. There are different medium used for advertising in which outdoor advertising is important. Billboards, transit ads, promotional products, sky advertising, yellow pages advertisement, advertising used in movie theaters, advertising in trains etc. are the example of support media advertising. It lets any company to gain awareness and exposure.

What factors should be considered when small business owners decides to advertise?

The advertising medium. The advertising costs. The projected ROI. The opportunity costs. Does the advertising support the company's marketing plan and strategies?

What did the US use to win public support to the war?


Did the US use to win public support for the war?

. Advertising

What is the best way to improve conversation skills with friends or at work etc?

Humor; Closure; Sentiments; Trust; Confidence; Support

What exactly is an advertising job?

Advertising is a paid for inducement to purchase or support some "thing". Jobs in advertising include copy, art, graphics, audio, video with the same focus of "sellling through advertising" a product.

What do you say to people to get them to support the police in return advertising their business?

Woof woof

Does Cristiano Ronaldo support or oppose same-sex marriage?

The international soccer star has expressed support for same-sex marriage.

Does you tube feature anything on marketing management campaigns?

"Yes, products such as Clickable, which analyzes search-engine advertising, and Marin Software, which provides online advertising support for web-based advertising, both have campaigns on YouTube that give further information. There is a good deal of content from companies and individuals that give great support in marketing management."

Do you support liquor advertising on network television?

This is a question asking for a persons personal opinion. So.... my answer is no.