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In the interest of free speech, we would not want to ban TV advertisement. However, there should also be regulations against false or misleading advertisement. Freedom of speech is a good thing, but it does have its limits.

* i woulnt say it is in the interest of free speech, tv ads are bought they are revenue.

Now we have a debate (also an example of free speech). The companies which advertise, and the broadcasters who sell advertising time, are interested in their profits primarily - although even then, advertisement does include political advertisement, which is about larger issues than profits. However, the government, and the voters who elect the politicians who govern, have other interests, and they allow advertisement because they value freedom of speech, not because they feel that it is necessary to support the profits of the TV industry. TV can exist without advertising. People already pay for cable service, so it is possible to control access and to charge for it, using that money to fund the production of TV. That is what happens in some countries. Not all television is supported by advertising, and even in the US there are some stations which do not carry commercial advertising. When the general public allows advertising they do so because they value free speech.

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Yes, and the sooner the better. I switch off until the ads are over as do millions of people. Ads are ruining my enjoyment of the programmes as are the terrible on screen DOGS.

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I think tv shouldn't be banned because you children can benefit form it and learn new things

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Q: Should government ban TV advertising
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