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Standing Committee


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Q: Which of these is a permanent committee used in Congress?
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What is a permanent committee of Congress that focuses on a particular topic?

standing committee.

What committee are permanent committees used in Congress?

*Standing Committees: these are the most important because all bills are referred to a standing committee in Congress. Each committee is an area of specialization that is further divided into subcommittees. These are permanent. *Joint Committees: These are also permanent. The tasks assigned to them are very diverse. *House Rules Committee: these are very powerful standing committees in the House. Once a bill has been approved by the appropriate standing committee, it is then sent to this one, which will govern rules on what will happen tot he bill once it is on the floor. Mainly Standing Committees.

Which permanent committee specializes in a particular area of legislation?

Permanent committee of congress that focuses on a particular topic is known as a standing committee. Such a committee may address insecurity , development, national budget and so on.

What is the difference between a standing committee and and interim committee?

A standing committee is 'institutionalized' and as such a permanent organization within Government or Congress / Parliament. An interim commission is established on a temporary basis.

The permanent committees of Congress are called?

The permanent committees of Congress are called a standing committee. The standing committees of each house are controlled by the majority leader.

What do permanent committee where bills travel through are known as what?

There are several different committees in Congress so it depends on the type of bill.

What kind of a committee is the permanent committee?

Standing Committee

When was Permanent Population Committee created?

Permanent Population Committee was created in 2004.

What committee is responsible for selecting the permanent chairperson of the national conventions?

The Committee on Permanent Organization

What committee is responsible for selecting the permanent chairperson of the national convention?

the committee's chairperson whose duty it is to appoint a successor

What kind of committee includes members from both houses of congress?

You would call it a Joint Committee....

What is the name given to a permanent congressional committee?

Standing Committee