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something that is plausible. (apex reading/english) :)

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Something that is plausible

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Q: Which of these should be easy to believe about terse?
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How would you use Terse in a sentence?

Brief and to the point; effectively cut short "short and terse and easy to understand"

What is terse 8 letters?

The answer is not easy to find so can u help me it's in 7 little words app in the app storeAn eight-letter word for terse could be succinct

What is terse unscrambled?

Anagrams of the word 'terse' are:ResetSteerTrees

What is an example sentence of the word terse?

The professor's terse response left the students unsure of what to do next.

For who should you pray?

Depends on who you pray to. If you believe to GOD, then you should pray to him. If you don't believe GOD and believe to who ever, the do the same. Easy.

How is an example sentence for the word terse?

I knew she was angry because she only gave terse responses.The police gave only a terse response to the media because they did not want to give away any clues.He gave a terse nod and walked on by.

Should homework be easy?

no. i believe homework should be challenging but not stressful , and should be interesting. THANK YOU. i believe homework is only easy to good students who pay attention, listen, take note,ect. If you don't do these it can still be easy if it is something you enjoy.

What is sentence for terse?

Security officers are usually terse ex military types

Use terse in a sentence?

We had a contest to see who could speak terse the longest

1935 Liberty dollar?

Terse questions beget terse answers: $16-$20.

What 5 letter word would be a synonym for succinct?

Brief, terse, short

How do you use tersely in a sentence?

John spoke to to Jill in a terse manner, concise and to the point. the president gave a terse announcement to the people/ She was very terse about her answer. ^_^