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Jefferson. He was in France.

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Q: Which person was not involved in the development of the US Constitution?
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Who was the last person to sign the US Constitution?

The last person to sign the Constitution is Abraham Baldwin.

Who are the key individuals involved in the founding of the US?

James Madison was the father of the constitution

Which political development in the US is considered part of the unwritten constitution?

system of political parties

Who drafted the US Constitution?

The US Constitution was drafted jointly by many men involved in it directly and indirectly. They were called the framers. The three most important men involved were Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and John Adams. Most of the actual writing was done by Governor Morris of Pennsylvania. However the fourth President of the US James Madison is known as the 'Father of the Constitution' as he authored most part of the constitution.

Who was the famous person from Pennsylvania who signed the US constitution?


Who is the youngest person to sign the US Constitution?

james madison

Who was the third person to sign the US Constitution?

the third person was Gunning Bedford, Jr.

What does the constitution give us?

the constitution gave us rights as US citizens. although it is not has been amended, or changed. it allowed us all to become one whole person..

Why can't a person be elected to the US Senate?

Some possibilities: person has not reached the age set forth in the Constitution; person is not a US citizen by birth.

Who was the second to last person to sign the us constitution?

barack obama

What is the significance of the English bill of rights on the development of the US constitution?

The bill of rights is the first part of the U.S constitution. They detail the rights given to citizens and gave the basis on what should be put into the constitution.

How many writers of the US Constitution were Unitarians?

Three were Unitarians; please note that this number includes all people involved with drafting, debating, approving, and or signing the constitution.