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GOP is an acronym for Grand Old Party.

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stop answering questions bc your always wrong. 

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Q: Which political party is represented by the GOP?
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GOP stand for what in the political party?

GOP, Grand Old Party, is used by the Republican Party.

Which political party is called th GOP?


Does America have an elephant as a symbol?

No, the Republican Political party does. The Republican Political party is also called the Grand Old Party or GOP.

What is the gop of the US?

G.O.P. (Grand Old Party) refers to the Republican political party.

What American political party has the nickname GOP?

The Republican party is also known as the Grand Ole Party.

How much money did president Clinton leave the gop when he left office?

I think if Bill Clinton gave to a political party it would be to the party of which he is a member, the Democratic Party. GOP, or Grand Old Party, is a nickname of the Republican Party.

What political party in the US is also known as the GOP?

In the United States the GOP stands for Grand Old Party. It is the Republican Party founded near the middle of the 19th century. At that time this party was known for its many evangelical members.

What political party is Mitt Romney?

Republican Partya.k.a. the Grand Ole Party (GOP)Democrap

What political party is represented by an elephant?

The Republican Party in the United States is commonly associated with the symbol of an elephant. The elephant symbol was first popularized by a political cartoonist in the 19th century and has since become closely linked with the party.

What is the opposite of the GOP party?

The opposite of the GOP party (Republicans) is the Democratic party.

What current political party is sometimes called the Grand old Party?

The Republican Party is also known as the Grand Old Party (GOP).

What does the GOP really means?

GOP as an acronym for "Grand Old Party", another name for the Republican Party.