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Lyndon J. Johnson

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Q: Which president elect broke tradition and had his wife hold the bible during his swearing in?
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What was the red bible used in the swearing in of President Obama?

It was Abraham Lincoln's Bible.

Why does the president have to use a bible to take oath?

He's swearing to god that he will do his best as president.

Is the Bible the only book to swear in presidents?

Swearing in presidents using only a bible is a tradition. There is no law saying that they must use a bible.

How many bibles were used by the president for his swearing in?

President Obama used one Bible during his first inauguration in 2008-- the bible used by Abraham Lincoln. He used two bibles in 2012-- the Lincoln Bible and a traveling bible used by Dr. Martin Luther King.

Does the president of the US have to use the bible for the inauguartion?

NO, but it has become a tradition.

Which ok who's specific bible did Obama use at each of his swearing ins?

Barack Obama used the Lincoln Bible for his first inauguration in 2009 and for his second inauguration in 2013. The Lincoln Bible is a historic Bible that belonged to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

What books can US presidents swear on?

The president is not required to use a book as part of the swearing in ceremony, but most put their hand on a Bible. Pierce used a law book.

What is significant about the Bible that Obama will use?

President-elect Barack Obama will use the same Bible at his inauguration that Abraham Lincoln used for his swearing in. Obama will be the first president since Lincoln to use that Bible, part of the collection of the Library of Congress. You mean 'has used' not 'will use' since he was inagurated on 20th January, that's 7 days ago. The Bible was the one used by Abraham Lincoln.

Who holds the Bible when the President is sworn in?

For his 2013 swearing in, President Obama used two Bibles-- one that belonged to President Abraham Lincoln, and the other that was used by Dr. Martin Luther King when he was traveling.

What Bible is being used for the swearing in ceremony?

i think it is the word god

Was the scripture written before tradition began?

If you are talking about the Bible and Catholic tradition then yes the Bible came first and tradition came second

Did Barack Obama use the Quran when he was sworn into office?

No- that was a different member of Congress. Congressman Ellison was the individual that used the Quran. Obama is a Christian, who attends the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He used the book of his faith, the Bible. Barack Obama was sworn into the Presidency on Abraham Lincoln's Bible. Because Chief Justice Roberts read some of the words of the oath incorrectly when swearing Obama in as president, the Chief Justice went to the White House the next day to have the president repeat the oath. There was no Bible at this second swearing-in.