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Q: Which president got inpeeched
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What president got shot and then that person who shot the president shot himself?

no presidents got shot

Is it true babe got more money than the president?

yes babe got 80,000 while the president got 75,000

Where is all the money cerciulatin on resetion?

it is when the old president got us in to it is when the old president got us in to

How got elected for president?

he did not

Does Algeria have a vice president?

it has a president but no vice president. instead it has got a prime minister.

What president was a peunut farmer before he got elected?

That was President Carter.

Which president of Uganda got the independent?

Milton Obote is president of Uganda got the independence of the country. Uganda got its independence from Britain in 1962 and they held their first elections.

What are Napoleon's accomplishments?

Got Pedro president, and he got a foxy lady.

Information about current president of England?

England does not have a president, so there is not information about the current president of England to be got.

What did president George W. Bush do when he got elected president?

how should i know...

Was Abraham Lincoln president when he got married?

no he did not become president until 1860

Which president got shot and lived?

Ronald Reagan got shot in the lung and survived.