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Thomas Jefferson and Grover Cleveland reportedly kept pet mockingbirds.

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Thomas Jefferson

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Q: Which president had a mockingbird called Dick?
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Which president gave his pet mockingbird free rein of the indoor air space?

Thomas Jefferson had a Mockingbird named Dick. Dick was famous for saying "Wanna bath" and "More 'oap, more oap!" Thomas Jefferson even took Dick to France when he was ambassador. When Mr. Jefferson was President, Dignitaries often met Dick before they met the President. Usually I have extensive footnotes for these answers but I can't footnote this one. Peter O'Lalor

What is Thomas Jefferson's pet mockingbird name?

The name of his bird was Dick and is the only one mentioned by him in his diary in 1806. [I too, remember Dick being written about. Dick was famous for saying, "wanna towel, wanna bath, and more 'oap?" Dick was a Mockingbird; a constant companion, even when ambassador to France, Dick traveled with T. Jefferson. When President, Dick was well known to visitors.]

What are the best facts about Thomas Jefferson?

He wrote the Declaration of Independence, bought washington, oregon, idaho, and louisiana, was vice president from 1796-1800, president from 1800-1808 and had a pet mockingbird named Dick.

Did Thomas Jefferson have a pet while he was president?

yes he did he had a mockingbird; and two bear cubs

What pets did Thomas Jefferson?

He had a Briard and a mockingbird named Dick.

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Who was the president of the US at the time the mockingbird was written?

If you mean the well known ballad, " Listen to the Mockingbird " -- it first appeared in 1855 when Franklin Pierce was the US President.

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Richard trickey dick Nixon one of our presidents President Richard M. Nixon Richard NixonThat's "Tricky Dick". It refers to President Richard Nixon.

What president kept a mockingbird for a pet?

Thomas Jefferson

What does Dick Cheney do?

Dick Cheney served as Vice President of the United States.

Who is Dick Cheney?

Richard (Dick) Bruce Cheney is the former vice president of the United States of America and former president of the Senate.

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