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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)

John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy (JFK)

Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ)

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Q: Which president has the first and middle name as our country's initials?
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What is the middle initial of George Washington?

George Washington did not have a middle name so no middle initial exists for the first US President.

What band has the initials t g?

T.G. Sheppard has the first and middle initials of T.G.

What does the initials Lyndon B. Johnson of president Johnson stand for?

* The 'L' is for his first name Lyndon, * The 'B'is for his middle name Baines, and * The 'J' is for his last name Johnson.

What letter never appears at the beginning of any us presidents including first middle and last name?

No US president has I, ,X, Y , or Z among his initials.

What do you remember most about President Roosevelt?

He had polio and he was the first president ever on wheelchair. His initials are FDR

What is initials in application form?

The first letter of your first, middle, and last name, in that order. If your name was John Robert Smith, your initials would be JRS.

How are a person's initials constructed?

A person initials are taken constructed by taking the first letter of their given first name and the first letter of their given surname and putting them together. For example, the initials of Harry Potter would be HP. Initials can sometimes include a middle name e.g. Harry James Potter becomes HJP.

What president used Initials C C but had the first name of John?

John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.Two other U. S. Presidents also went by their middle names:Stephen Grover ClevelandThomas Woodrow Wilson

What is an initail?

"Initial" means first or beginning. It refers to the first letter of a name or word, or the first step in a process.

What is President Ulysses middle name?

There was no President UlyssesUlysses was the first name of President Grant; his middle initial was "S" which did not stand for anything. His full middle name was "S"

What president used the initials WW but had the first name of Thomas?

Thomas Woodrow Wilson Thomas Woodrow Wilson

Who was the first president to bring up national health insurance?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (often called by his initials, FDR).