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Q: Which president is considered the first to envision his role as that of a world leader and proactively extend his reach into the foreign policy arena?
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What event is considered an example of President Jimmy Carter's failure in foreign-policy?

The takeover of the US embassy by radical students

What event considered an example president jimmy carter failure in foreign policy?

the takeover of the U.S. embassy by radical Iranian students

Was President Monroe the first president to develop a foreign policy?

All Presidents, beginning with George Washington, had foreign policies. They had to have them because they dealt with foreign nations.Monroe was the first President to have one element of his foreign policy named after him.

What is the Foreign policy is the?

What is the current foreign policy WHERE? (in the US) The President is responsible for foreign policy.

What does a president do with foreign country?

A president kind of deals with trading with the foreign country. A president also wants to have a good alliance with the foreign country so that if our country needs any help, the other country our president has an alliance with can help us.

The national security council advises the president on?

advises the president on foreign policy and national security.military matters and foreign policy

How did the foreign of president roosevelt and president Taft differ?

Roosevelt/Taft developed US Military forces and foreign trade.

What types of agreement can the president make with foreign countries?

The US Constitution divides the foreign policy powers between the President and Congress so both share in foreign policy.

Why did Kennedy considered foreign policy to be the most important issue of his administration?

President Kennedy's foreign policy was dominated by American confrontations with theSoviet Union. He was focused on preventing a world wide nuclear war and halting the spread of communism.

Is The President meeting with foreign leaders an example of informal foreign policy?


What position helps the president with dealing with foreign countries?

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

The President meeting with foreign leaders is an example of informal foreign policy?