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president Washington

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Q: Which president loved his horse so much that he buried the horse in the back lawn of his house and put up a gravestone?
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Who kept a horse in the white house?

A President.

Which president enjoyed horse back riding and had a mechanical horse built in the white house?

Calvin Coolidge

Which president had an electronic horse installed in the white house?

Calvin Coolidge

Why does a sim haunt a house?

Because their gravestone is still on the lot (if they died on the lot). If you don't want a ghost, then just find the gravestone and delete it.

What side of John F. Kennedy is Jacqueline buried at Arlingtone cemetery?

President Kennedy is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, steps away from the entrance to Arlington House.

What is the most interesting fact about James Polk?

He is known as the "Dark Horse" candidate for president since he was not nominated until the ninth ballot at the convention. He accomplished everything he set out to do in his first term and refused to run for a second term. After he died, he wife had him buried in the front yard of their house in Nashville where she lived for 41 more years. She was buried next to him, but later they tore down the house and moved them both to the state capitol grounds.

Which president had an electric horse installed in his white house bedroom?

Calvin Coolidge, in 1923.

Which president rode an electric bucking horse in the White House and walked his pet raccoon on a leash?

Theodore Roosevelt

Are the White House pets buried on the grounds of the White House?

They can be. The Kennedys' canary, named Robin, was buried in the Rose Garden of the White House, for instance. Franklin Roosevelt's dog Fala was buried next to where he is buried in Hyde Park, NY.

How do you get read of ghoust?

well you can not get read of ghosts the people that are ghosts must have died in a house and and did not get a gravestone or the body was never found

In what room of the white house was president Lincoln's sons funeral in?

Willie Lincoln was embalmed in the Green room with the funeral held in the East room. His father would also be embalmed in the Green room with his funeral held in the East room. Willie's body was disenterred when President Lincoln was transported to Oak Ridge Cemetary in Springfield Ill. in 1865 where he was buried with his father. Their other son,Tad which died shortly thereafter was also buried with the President and Willie and Mary Todd Lincoln was buried there also. The Lincolns had 4 sons. 3 are buried in the tomb in Springfield and the eldest is buried at Arlington National Cemetary.

Where is James K Polk's grave?

Polk is buried in a tomb on the grounds of Tennessee State Capitol Building in Nashville, Tennessee. His wife, Sarah Childress Polk, survived the President by 42 years. Both were originaly buried in the yard of their Nashville home but were moved when the house was torn down.