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The President that first said all men are created equal was Thomas Jefferson. He was the third president of the United States.

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Q: Which president said all men are created equal?
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What do you think the author meant by that all men are created equal?

I think he said that people were created equal by God.

When john Locke said All men are created equal?

John Locke did not say All men are created equal. Thomas Jefferson said this during the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

Who said all men are created equal?

Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther King Jr. said that, "All men are created equal." :)

What document said that all men were created equal?

declaration of independence

Why do you think the declaration of independence said all men are created equal rather than all people?

Because all white property owners were created equal.

When did president Jefferson's popularity decline?

Immediately 'All men are created equal'

What did Jeffereson mean when he said all men were created equal?

That we should all have the same rights no matter what.

Who according to Jefferson is created equal?

According the Thomas Jefferson, our Third President of the United States and Father of the Declaration of Independence, all men are created equal.

Who did the statement all men are created equal apply to in 1776?

the mens they were created the same in 1776

Who said but there's is one way in this country in which all men are created equal?

Harper Lee

Who said the communist party has no god given right to rule?

Marx. He said, Religion Is Demotic Opium. He believed that all men are not created equal, and he said, we fight for equal rights. History is made by people, the equal rights were earned! Think back to the history, when Declaration of Independence mentioned that "all men are created equal" Why did America still have black slaves? Segregation? The true is like what Marx said, fight for our rights to be equal, earn it!

Was Lincoln correct about the world not remembering what he said?

Yes, the world forgot on what Abraham Lincoln had said and the slave would some day be free which now they are and all people would be created equal and everybody is created equal now.