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Q: Which president said the propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained?
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Who was the US President that was an ordained minister?

There have been no presidents who were ordained ministers, although several presidents were lay preachers who led services in their church. If Mitt Romney is elected, he will be the first Mormon Bishop to ever serve as president. I enclose a link to a site that gives factual information about the religions of all the presidents.

Which president could speak 6 languages?

That last president that spoke a foreign language fluently was Herbert Hoover. He spoke the Chinese language absolutely beautifully. jimmy Carter could some speak Spanish- I do not know how fluently.

What does the law whatever the people had last ordained should be held as binding by law mean?

This comes from the Ancient Roman Twelve Tables of Law, one of the first attempts in Rome to establish a code of law that gave the common people (Plebeians) some rights. Previously, only the Patricians (upper class) had decision-making power and controlled the legal system. In this quote, at the end of the code, it basically says that whatever the majority of the common people have agreed upon up to this point, it shall be considered the law. The quote implies that at some point, things may change; but for now, whatever the law has been up to that time, it remains binding on everyone.

Briefly describe tha four most widely held theories that attempt to explain the origin of the state?

The 4 theories of the origins of the state are: 1. The divine right theory - God created the state. 2. The force theory - One person or a small group of people claim control over the population in an area by force. 3. The natural theory - We coexist because we achieve more from operating alongside others. 4. The social contract - The community population and the leader have a contract. The state has power and authority over the territory.

What is theocray?

I'm Guessing you mean "Theocracy" b/c "theocray" is not a word; therefore I'll answer your question based on the assumption that you meant the former. A theocracy is a state which is governed by a religion and its ideologies; and practice of the respective religion is obviously state-ordained and compulsory for every citizen. Legislation is implemented and based on the scripture of the respective religion. In a theocracy the government power structure is comprised of the religious hierarchy (i.e.- archbishops, priests, ministers, etc) who have sole administrative authority over the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. There may be secular state administrators but they are always subordinate to the religious hierarchy. This is in contrast to a monarchy, even though there may be a state-sanctioned religion and a king that supposedly rules by "divine right". In a true theocracy, in order to be "king" or supreme ruler, an individual would have to climb up the religious hierachy since its structure is synonymous with the political administration. In monarchies and dictatorships, the political infrastructure is usually based on heritage, on an elite ruling class, or it may be dependent upon seizing control in the case of a dictatorship- nonetheless it has nothing to do with one's position in the religious hierarchy or church; which distinguishes these forms of government from a theocracy.

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Is it illegal for ordained people to run for office?

(in the US) No. I believe we've even had (an) ordained president(s)

What are the roles of a Hindu family?

Sanctity and keeping the virtues ordained by the Hindu doctrine are the roles expected to be played

Can a president perform a marriage ceremony?

no- unless he is an ordained pastor or priest .

What are the ordained ministries?

Deacon, priest and bishop are the ordained ministries.

When was pat power ordained a deacon?

He was ordained deacon in 2004.

When was Saint Christopher ordained?

Saint Christopher was neither a priest nor a bishop so was never ordained.

When was bishop Joseph Devine ordained?

He was ordained priest on 29th June 1960 He was ordained bishop on 31st May 1977

Will you always be an ordained minister in AME church after being ordained?

once ordained in ame church will you always be called a minister

Why should a pastor be ordained?

You must be ordained to be a pastor. You cannot be a pastor and not ordained. You aren't reverend and don't have the authority to do such duties. It is quite easy nowadays to become ordained although, it isn't a problem.

When was Bishop Pat Power ordained a deacon?

He was ordained deacon in 2004.

Where was Saint Patrick ordained as a priest?

He was ordained in Europe, probably Rome.

Where was Saint Patrick ordained?

He was ordained somewhere in Europe, probably in Rome.