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There have been no presidents who were ordained ministers, although several presidents were lay preachers who led services in their church. If Mitt Romney is elected, he will be the first Mormon Bishop to ever serve as president. I enclose a link to a site that gives factual information about the religions of all the presidents.

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It is commonly held that James A. Garfield, our 20th president (from March 4, 1881 -- September 19, 1881) was an "ordained" minister. This is partly true. Garfield was an ardent follower of the Disciples of Christ faith. As he became active in the church, he gave sermons, performed weddings, lead funerals, visited the sick, etc - essentially performing all the duties of a minister. However, the Disciples of Christ, at this time did not "ordain" ministers in the traditional and formal ecclesiastical tradition.** So, as I said, I believe the answer is yes and no. He did not receive an official diploma declaring him an ordained minister. But, if you were to ask members of his congregation, they would indeed assert that he was a minister.

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Q: Who was the US President that was an ordained minister?
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