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Q: Which president said these words There is nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed with what is right in America?
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who are President in America right now?

President Donald Trump

Who is the president of ameica?

Right now, the presdent of America is Barack Obama

Who was the president of America when African Americans had the right to vote?

Andrew Johnson

Why is President Barack Obama being sworn in noteworthy?

Because he must do right as a president and not go against America.As president he must make America the best it can be. Being sworn in promises he will take care of it the right way

What power did the Alien Act Give to the president?

it gave the right to send any foreigner out of the America

Martin Luther king is the first black president of America is right or wrong?

Are you kidding? He was a civil rights activist... not a president, so wrong.

What are the current Bank of America mortgage rates?

Right now Bank of America is offering rates of 4.625% for a 30 year fixed or 3.750% for a 15 year fixed. Of course, this is based on a very good credit score, so the lower your score the higher the interest rate.

When does president roosevelt declare right of US to intervene in latin america?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the right of the United States to intervene in Latin America in his 1904 corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. This corollary, known as the Roosevelt Corollary, expanded on the original Monroe Doctrine and asserted the US's authority to intervene in Latin American countries to preserve stability and protect its interests.

Do you like the president of america?

This question requires an opinion and that makes it hard to answer since everyone has an opinion. No opinion is right or wrong it is just what someone thinks. So, this question can not be answered. There is no such thing as the president of America. So the question is invalid.

What power did the alien acts give president?

power to deport any alien considered dangerous to the United States

What did mcain do?

McCain did absolutely nothing which is why he is not president right now and Obama is. McCain is an old man who makes horrible decisions for people and friends.

Is it accurate to describe the president as leader of his party?

Well yes and no, a president has a court, congress what ever you what to call it they have people telling them if their doing the right thing. Long story short a Leader is nothing with out his/her advisers.