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Nothing like this every really happened. There is a very persistent story that Thomas Jefferson personally executed someone on the White House lawn for treason. This is not true. The story originated in the movie Swordfish (2001), where it is mentioned by John Travolta's character, Gabriel Shear.

Jefferson never personally killed anyone, nor were there any treason executions or convictions during his presidency. Jefferson did help write a "Bill to Attaint Josiah Philips and Others" in 1778, which ordered the trial and provided for the execution of the murderer and bandit Josiah Philips for treason. Josiah Philips was eventually found and convicted of robbery, not treason.

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No president ever shot anybody or was shot at the White House . Andrew Jackson shot and killed a man in a duel, long before he was President. Four presidents were shot and killed, but not when they were in the White House.

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson fought several duels. There is no record of any future President being involved in a "Marins and Coys" type of feud.

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President Ronald Wilson Reagan was shot yet not killed in the white house

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Q: Which president shot someone for treason on the lawn of the White House?
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