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Q: Which president stated that consumers have the right to service?
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President stated that consumers have the right to consumer education?


What President passed legislation giving consumers the right to a decent environment?

Lyndon Baines JohnsonJohnson

Is it all right for a president to change his mind while he is in office and do things much differently than he had stated during his campaign?

Your question is asking for an opinion.

Why did Michael dukakis not choose Jesse Jackson as his running mate in 1988?

That isn't known. He never stated anything on that topic. If my memory serves me right Jackson was also running for president, so it is possible that he didn't want to be Vice President.

Right of consumers?

check out consumer protection act 1986

How do you spell consuming?

Consumers is the correct spelling.

In which direction does the Supply curve slopes to the left or right?

Supply curves slope up and to the right. As the price goes up, suppliers are willing to produce MORE product. Conversely, as the price goes up, consumers demand LESS of a good or service. As a result, the demand curve slops down and to the right.

What right gives consumers the freedom to review complete information about the products they are buying?

Right to be informed

Was the United States right to drop Atomic Bombs so quickly in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

President Truman stated that he wanted to end the war and collapse Japan's means to make war ever again.

What is right to safety of consumers?

The right to safety of consumers refers to their entitlement to be protected from products or services that could cause harm to their health or well-being. It includes the right to access accurate and clear information about potential risks, the right to expect products to be free from defects, and the right to hold manufacturers and sellers accountable for any harm caused by their products or services. This right is important for ensuring consumer confidence and trust in the marketplace.

What is child right?

all of the right stated in the constitution belong to both adults and children

Where can I get all 3 credit reports for free? provides a service in which you can view your credit reports online! Federal law says consumers have the right to view their credit report for free, once every twelve months.