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Q: Which president used the first negative ad to influence voters?
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First president elected by a minority of the voters?


Who was the first president to be elected with the help of woman voters?

President Warren Harding was the first American president to be elected with the support of female voters. The election was in 1920. Harding was the Republican representative in the presidential election for that term.

Who was the first only president to serve who was not elected by US voters either as president or vice president?

george washington

Who was first black candidate for president to win the support of black voters?

Obama :)

By throwing his support behind John Quincy Adams this unsuccessful candidate prevented the voters' choice from being elected president in the 1824 election?

Your question has a problem. First there was no " voters choice". Congress decided who was to be president. He was elected by the House.

Which president was the first to win electoral votes from Ohio voters?

Thomas Jefferson won Ohio in 1804, the first election after Ohio became a state.

In South Africa's first elections open to voters of all races which leader was elected president?

Nelson Mandela

Was Napoleon Bonaparte a positive or a negative influence on Louisiana?

Positive because first of all he sold Louisiana to the U.S

What arguments contradict the theory that Americans are less involved in government than ever before?

The first election of President Obama brought out many young people and minority first-time voters. The second election of President Obama had people waiting in line for hours to be able to vote.

How many electoral votes did John Adams get in?

None . In the election of the first presidents there was no electoral votes nor general elections. The men who became president were elected by congress. The founding fathers felt that the voters were not educated enough to be able to select a president.

Which president had more influence than any other president?

I would say Franklin Roosevelt. He pushed more new big initiatives through Congress than any other President, served for a longer time and was given huge special power do the great depression and then due to the threat of world war II. Furthermore, the federal government and so the President actually had more power and potential for influence than had the earlier presidents.George Washington also had tremendous influence, but much of his influence occurred before he was President. As the first president he rather had to feel his way and the idea of a federal union was so new that the states still keep much of the control of the country.

In what month do you the voters vote for the President When does the Electoral College meet When is the president inaugurated?

The public votes on the day after the first Monday of November. The electoral college votes on the Monday after the second Wednesday of December. The electoral votes are counted on January 6. Inauguration Day is January 20.