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Q: Which president was arrested and fined 20 dallers for riding his horse too fastwhile in office?
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Which president was once arrested during his time in office?

Grant was arrested for speeding in his horse and buggy while he was in office.

Can a US president be arrested after he has left office?

Yes. But not for anything he did in office. He would have to commit a crime outside of being president for him to be arrested. But george bush should not be arrested anyway. Yes. He can be arrested just as anyone else if he broke the law.

Who was the only president to be arrested and fined in office?

Ulysses S. Grant

Who was the only president to be arrested and fined while in office?

The only President to be arrested while in office was Grant who was stopped for speeding in his carriage. (There is a rumor that Franklin Pierce was also arrested for hitting a woman with his carriage, but there is no documentation for this.) Before he president. Andrew Jackson was charged and fined heavily by a federal judge in New Orleans.

Can a president be arrested for stealing money?

If the President is accused of stealing and the evidence against him is solid, he could be impeached, convicted and removed from office. After that, he could be indicted and tried like a common citizen.

Which President was once arrested during office?

Grant was one - he was driving his carriage too fast or something like that. He commended the officer on his devotion to duty,

What president was convicted of exceeding the speed limit on his horse?

President Ulysses S. Grant was once arrested during his term of office. He was convicted of exceeding the Washington speed limit on his horse and was fined $20.

What is the president's office is called?

The President's office is called the oval office.

Who manages most of the US government?

Executive office of the president

How can an elected president come into office when United States is at war?


Is the president the oath of office?

No, the president is not the Oath Of Office.

Office of the England president is called?

England does not have a president. As England does not have a president, there is no office of the president so there is no name for one.