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Gerald Ford was born as Leslie King

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Q: Which president was born a king?
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Who is the only US president to be born a king?

No US president was born a king. This is a trick question. In fact, Gerald Ford was born a King. He was adopted, but his birth name was Leslie King

Which president was as the only child of Leslieand Dorothy King?

Gerald Ford was born to Leslie and Dorthy King.

What was the name of president Gerald Ford's when he was born?

His name was Leslie Lynch King. (:

Was there a vice president born in the state of Alabama?

No U. S. Vice President to date has been born in Alabama. Alabama was the home state of one Vice President, William R. King, who was born in North Carolina.

When was president Gerald Ford born?

Born Leslie Lynch King Jr.July 14, 1913Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

Where was Leslie Lynch King born?

Leslie Lynch King Sr. was the biological father of US president Gerald Ford (born Leslie Jr.). King was born in Chadron, Nebraska on July 5, 1884. Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska on July 14, 1913.

Who is the president of combodia?

Cambodia does not have a president, it has a king. Its king is Norodom Sihamoni.

What is the deference between king and president?

A king is not elected, a president is. The king believes he is put on the throne by God while a president is there because the citizens of his/her country choose him/her. The king has unlimited power while a president doesn't.

How would you contact the king of UAE?

The UAE does not have a king, it has a president.

Does Indonesia have a president or a king?


Who was the president when William King was the Vice President?

Franklin Pierce was the President of the United States when William Rufus King was the Vice President. King was only Vice President for 45 days before dying of tuberculosis.

Who was Formerly a King Later became President of US?

No US president was ever a king.