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Q: Which president was shot 69 days after taking office?
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Which president survived being shot after 69 days after taking the office?

Ronald Reagan (He was 70 at the time.)

How do they remember Lyndon B. Johnson?

From taking office after President Kennedy was shot

What president only served 131 days?

John F. Kennedy served as president for 1000 days. He was assassinated in November 1963 at the age of 46. He served as 35th president of US between 1961 and 1963.

The only president to be shot and wounded in office?


Who was the only president that was shot and recovered in office?

Ronald Reagan

Only President to have been shot and wouned in office and recovered?

Ronald Reagan in 1981. Teddy Roosevelt was shot once and survived, but he was out of office by then.

Shortly after taking office President was wounded in an assassination attempt as he left a hotel in downtown Washington?

That would be Gerald Ford due to the attempt on President Reagan was well after he took office. Ford had not been in office long after Nixon had resigned.

Who is the only president to have been shot and wounded in office and recovered?

Ronald Reagan

Was Garfield the president when he was shot?

Yes, James A. Garfield was assassinated while he was in office.

Who was only president to have been shot and wounded in office and recovered?

ronald reagan

Who was the second presidnet to die in office?

Zachary Taylor was the second President to die in office(in 1850) ; W. H. Harrison was the firs

What president was assassinated by a mentally disturbed office-seeker?

That describes Charles Guiteau, who shot President James Garfield.