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Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only president who served for more than eight years. The rule of only two whole terms (8 years) wasn't established until after his death in 1945. He served 12 years total and died early in his 4th term.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt did Served a total of four times. He died during his fourth term.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1932-1945) was elected to four terms

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Q: Which presidents served longer than 8 years?
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How many presidents have served for ten years other than Roosevelt?

No president other than FDR served for more than 8 years.

How many presidents have served for more than 8 years?

One. FDR.

Presadint who servived longer than any one elce in the us?

spell it right... and all the presidents served an equal amount of times. Total of 4 years if elected, and $ more if elected again. and many presidents ran for 8 years. (unless if assassinated)

Has a president ever served longer than eight years?


What is the ratio of presidents that were in office 4 years to presidents in office 8 years?

Of the 42 people who were U.S. President before Barack Obama,...10 served between 0 and 4 years.12 served 4 years.7 served between 4 and 8 years.12 served 8 years.1 served more than 8 years.Also, of the 42 who served before Obama,...5 never won a Presidential election.21 were elected once.15 were elected twice.1 was elected four times.

Which president served more than 1 term Ford Carter Reagan Bush or Clinton?

All of these presidents served more than one term except for Carter. Jimmy Carter was president from the years of 1977 to 1981.

Have most of your presidents served two terms?


Who served as President longer than anybody else?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt served four terms. He died in his forth term serving a total of 12 years. He was the only President to do so. Most Presidents had followed George Washington's example and only served up to two terms. After Roosevelt, Congressed passed the law prohibiting a president from running in a third term.

Will Obama serve more than 2 years?

He has already served more than two years; he was elected in 2008, and he has served nearly four years; in January 2013, he will begin to serve for another four years. I think you are asking if he will serve more than two "terms"-- but he cannot. Presidents are not allowed to serve for more than two terms, according to the 26th amendment to the Constitution.

Has there ever been a president who has served a10 year term?

No. The longest most Presidents have served is 8 years, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office for just over 12 years. Even if someone had been U. S. President for 10 years, he would not have served a 10-year term. All U. S. Presidential terms are and have been 4 years. Those who served more than 4 years served multiple terms.

Why did president ford serve more than 8 years?

Gerald Ford was only president for 2 years and 5 months. Whoever told you he served longer than 8 years is incorrect.

How many US presidents served less than one year in office?