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Jimmy Carter owned and ran a peanut business inherited from his father. They planted peanuts at one time, but by the time Jimmy took charge, they ran a peanut distribution business, buying peanuts from farmers, storing them and reselling them.

Harry Truman ran his father's farm as a young man but soon moved to the city.

Ulysses Grant ran his father-in-law's farm near St. Louis for a few years, without much success. His career was a short one.

William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor , Andrew Jackson, James Monroe, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington all owned large plantations which ,except for Harrison, they farmed with slave labor. Most of these men had other sources of income other than their farms so I am not sure you would call them farmers.

John Adams owned a farm which was probably not a major source of his income .

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Q: Which presidents were farmers
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President Vincent

What were the professions of past US Presidents?

Some were farmers, lawyers, and military leaders.

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The people who lived in the back country were the Farmers to farm tobacco, food, and cash crops also.

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No, but over 85% were. some were farmers like Harry Truman, and some were actors like Former President Ronald Reagan.

What two presidents were from the same state and had the same occupation?

Both Adamses were from Massachusetts and were lawyers and gentlemen farmers. Washington and Jefferson were both planters from Virginia.

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Did any president or any members of congress ever have second jobs while in office?

No- for presidents, except perhaps as gentlemen farmers. Congressmen who are lawyers often keep up a limited practice.

What does the phrase 'the last of revolutionary farmers' mean?

James Madison was one of the last of a group of men who were educated farmers and leaders of the Revolutionary period. They believed it was their duty to serve their country. Others in this group included the first four presidents: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

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Messrs presidents

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