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D. for cutting of our trades

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Q: Which quote from the Declaration of Independence best shows that colonists felt the king would not listen to their wishes?
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Was the vision of the Declaration of Independence fulfilled?

You'll get plenty of opinions for this question. Mine is thus: yes it was, but not absolutely. The premise of seceding from Britain was definitely fulfilled, and through this and other protective measures many abuses of power were evaded and hampered. There were flaws and failures of the document's vision throughout America's history, but the rebellious (terrorist) colonists certainly got their wish when it came to ridding themselves of George III's tyrannical rule. As for stopping tyranny itself, all the signatures of all the colonial bigwigs were nothing but sterile, cosmetic wishes.

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What are the main ideas in the decleration of independence?

This document was written by Thomas Jefferson and asserts that man has unalienable rights which government should protect, these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is a close paraphrase of Locke's principles of life, liberty and pursuit of property. The declaration also states that man has the right to rebel against his government if the government doesn't protect these rights. The declaration also states that man is generally accepting of the abuse of his rights and that a long strain of abuses is necessary to prompt the people to act on there behalf. The document also supports consent based government; that is the government must comply to the wishes of the people whom they rule. The second half of the declaration outlines the abuses the colonists have endured from King George III; these would later assist in the establishment of the bill of rights. The declaration ultimately served to separate the colonies from England and to lay the principles upon which the Constitution would be constructed.

Do you think the british or the colonists were in the right?

Since I am not personally a believer in the supposed divine right of kings, I do not see any basis for King George III to rule the American colonies against the wishes of the colonists. The colonists were basically in the right. Of course, their moral position was somewhat weakened by their continued practice of slavery, which was not to end until almost a century later. The colonists were no saints, either.

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Independence of Judiciary means that it is not under the control of the legislature or the executive. the judges do not act on the direction of the government or according to the wishes of the party in power. That is why all modern democracies have courts that are independent of the legislature and the executive.

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Nope, he discovered the Caribbeans, not America (he wishes :3) Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering the New World in 1492, even though it had been discovered thousands of years earlier by the Native Americans. The Founding Fathers were the men who were involved in drafting the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution (1787).

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