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because no one candidate is certain to win the popular vote there

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Because no one candidate is certain to win the popular vote there.

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Q: Which reason best describes why presidential candidates campaign heavily in swing states?
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What is the electoral college's impact on campaign strategies?

Large states have more electors than the small states and so are the key to winning the election. Furthermore, there is the winner-take-all rule in 48 states, under which all of a state's electoral votes are awarded to the one candidate who carries the state. Consequently, states with only three votes and states that are considered either safe or hopelessly lost are largely ignored in the campaign. Presidential candidates heavily concentrate their attention on a handful of closely divided "battleground" states. For example in 2008 over half (57%) of the events were in just four states (Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia). In 2004, candidates spent over 99% of their money in just 16 states.

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Why would a presidential candidate spend more time campaigning in states like California Texas or New York?

Presidential candidates may spend more time campaigning in states like California, Texas, or New York because they have large populations and a significant number of electoral votes. Winning these states can heavily impact the outcome of the election. Additionally, these states have diverse demographics and may offer a broad platform for candidates to communicate their message to a wide audience.

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