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um what about the weather satalite :P

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Q: Which satellite was used to send information about storms?
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What devices are used to detect Tropical Storms?

you would use a weather satellite or doppler radar.

Why are there satellite?

it is used to transmit information to accessing areas

What is a satelight?

A satellite is a piece of technology which is used to send and recieve information. Some television and internet broadcasting companies use satellites in order to get information to their customers. In space, satellites are used to retrieve pictures of space/planets and even predict the weather.

What a sateliite dish is for?

A Satellite Dish is used to receive and transmit signals which contains different information to or from the satellite.

What is the use of satellite during a disaster?

Type your answer here... there is something called as rescue satellites .that is used to send information about any disaster to the station ,in fact satellites are also used to get the live video of the place where there is a disaster...........

What is a satellite dish used for?

It is used for, taking information from tv stations and taking it to your tv.

Where can one find information on mobile satellite?

Telstra would be the best place to learn about mobile satellite information. This is a site dedicated to keeping the populace up to date about the satellites used.

What is an astronomy satellite?

Probably a satellite used for astronomy observations.Probably a satellite used for astronomy observations.Probably a satellite used for astronomy observations.Probably a satellite used for astronomy observations.

What is the computer server used for?

sever is can send into the information

Anything that can be used to send information is called?

A transmitter

Where can one find more information about Netsend?

One can find information about Net Send from Microsoft. Microsoft support provides information on many questions one might have about Net Send. Net Send is an application used to send information to another computer.

List output devices?

Output devices on a computer are used to send a form of information. The microphone, speakers, HDMI cable, and USB ports are all used to send information.