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Q: Which secret organization was formed by Sam Adams to break away from England?
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Secret organization formed by Sam Adams?

Klu Klux Klan

Who formed the sons of liberty?

The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization of Boston merchants who initiated, financed and planned America's Declaration and War of Independence. They were 13 secret men who commissioned Paul Revere, a prominant Boston silver smith, to make a memorial bowl to commmorate their activities. Thus, THE LIBERTY BOWL. Their names were inscribed on the lip of the bowl.

Who were the leaders and founders of the Son's of Liberty?

The Sons of Liberty were a secret organization formed in the American colonies to protest British policies. Founding members included Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Paul Revere. These leaders played key roles in organizing protests and acts of resistance against British rule.

Who was diplomat to England after the revolutionary war Samuel Adams or john Adams?

Samuel Adams

Who was a secret agent for the patriot in the American revolution and also had a secret code?

John adams

What was Joey's secret identity on Friends?

Ken Adams

Did John Adams protest England?


When was Bernice Adams born?

Bernice Adams was born in London, in England, UK.

When was Rosalind Adams born?

Rosalind Adams was born in 1944, in Birmingham, England, UK.

Who formed the Committee of Correspondence?

Samuel Adams cretated the committee of correspondence so the colonists can get inform of the british actions.

What was Abigail Adams home addres before she got married to John Adams?

As a child Abigail Adams lived in the New England colonies.

Who was the first US ambassador to England?

john adams