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The union army won the civil war. The confederate states of America seceded from the union and the civil war was to bring the states back together. However Lincoln also had all the slaves set free sometime in the middle of the war so the south was also fighting to keep its slaves. Before the emancipation proclamation was signed Queen Victoria was considering helping the confederates but when the emancipation proclomation was signed England (Being an anti slavery country) decided not to help the south. Hope this helps.

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Q: Which side won the civil war and what did it signify?
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Why did the population differences between the north and south affect the outcome of the civil war?

the side with the most population won because they had more power

What was the battle of gettyburg?

This was a battle in Pennsylvania that is said to be one of the turning points of the Civil War. It was a long and bloody battle.

Was the constitution written before or after the Civil War?

Hmmm...The Federalist Party was formed out of those people who had supported adoption of the Constitution during the ratification debates. Was that before or after the Civil War? Michael Montagne

Has the us ever won a war in a foreign country while a republican president was in office?

The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln. During his tenure, the Civil War was fought and won -- however, this was not a war in a foreign country. Since Lincoln, we have fought several other wars. The Spanish American war of 1898 was fought and won while Democratic president Grover Cleveland was in office. Democrat Woodrow Wilson was in office when the United States and other Entente powers won World War I. World War II was fought and won by two Democratic Presidents -- Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. The Korean War was fought under the tenure of Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower, but there is some dispute about whether that war was actually "won" and even if it is officially ended. The Vietnam War was fought under the oversight of Presidents Eisenhower (R), Kennedy (D), Johnson (D), Nixon (R) and Ford (R). It is widely accepted that this is also not a conflict that the United States "won". Now we come to perhaps your best bet of a Republican war that was "won" while the Republican was in office -- the first Persian Gulf War, fought during the administration of Republican George HW Bush.

What did George a Custer do?

George A. Custer was a united states army officer who won fame as a civil war general and an Indian fighter in the west

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Which side won for the civil war?


Which side of the civil war won?

the north

Which side won the civil war?

The Union or the United States

Which side won the Civil War in China after World War 2 ended?


Which side won in the civil war?

The Union (North). The Confederates lost.

Who won the civil war between the US?

Abraham Lincoln's side.

Which side won the US Civil War?

The Union i.e. the North.

Who won in the Civil War?

union won the civil war

North won the civil war?

It would depend on which war was being discussed -- there have been many civil wars in many countries and societies.EnglandIn England, the Civil War was won by the Paliamentary forces (Roundheads) in 1646, 1649, and 1651, leading to the execution of Charles I and the 9-year exile of Charles II.United StatesIn the US, the Civil War was won by the North (the Union) in 1865.The American Civil War was won by the United States, i. e., the North.

In the Civil War who won the battle?

the north won the civil war

Which side won the battle of Gettysburg during the civil war?

The north union won the civil war, but it was close bec ause thesouth side won more battles andlost more men but they were forced to surrender because they ran out of supplies.The North won the Civil War

Which side won more battles during the Civil War The Union or the Confederacy?

no difference