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West Virginia broke apart from the slave state Virginia and joined the Union, but for the most part all slave states were Confederate.

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Q: Which slave states were loyal to the union?
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What were Slave states loyal to the union called?

The Buffer States - or, somewhat more controversially, the Border States (implying that there was an official frontier.)

What states did the Emancipation Proclamation not end slavery?

The slave states that remained loyal to the Union were Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware.

What are the Union states of the Civil War?

All the free states, plus four slave-states that did not vote Confederate and chose to stay loyal.

Which had control of the greater number of the states the confederate states or the US?

Union. (19-15)the Norththe union statesThe UnionThere were more loyal states than Confederate states. Eleven states joined the confederacy with 23 loyal states. United States territories also stayed loyal. There were four slave states (Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware and Missouri) which stayed loyal and West Virginia seceded from Virginia to stay in the Union.

Is the north the same as the south confederacy?

No. The South was the breakaway Confederacy. The North were the states that had remained loyal to the USA - the Union. (They included four slave-states)

Which slaves were not declared free dy the emancipation proclamation?

The ones in the four slave-states of the Upper South that had remained loyal to the Union.

What four slave states were excluded from the emancipation proclamation and why?

Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, and Kentucky. Lincoln was worried that forcing them to release their slaves at this point might cause them to leave the Union and join the Confederacy.

Which had greater number of states confederate or US?

At the outbreak of the US Civil War in 1861, the United States consisted of 19 free States and 15 slave States. Eleven slave States withdrew from the Union and made up the Confederate States of America. The Union had the greater number of States and among these States, several of them, plus Washington DC, were loyal to the Union but had slaves until the War's end in 1865.

Was Delaware a part of the union or confederacy?

Union. It was one of the four slave-states of the Upper South that voted to stay loyal. There was not much slavery in Delaware, but it did supply troops to both sides.

What were the states called that remained loyal to the US?

The Union States.

What were the name of the states that were in the middle of the free states and slave states?

The Border States. These were the slave-states that had voted to stay loyal. Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware.

What were the slave states that remained in the Union called?

There were five slave states that remained in the Union. Initially there were four -- Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri. West Virgina separated from Virginia when it (Virginia) seceded from the Union. West Virginia was admitted to the Union in 1863 as a slave state. West Virgina remained in the Union making it the fifth slave state not to secede. These five slave states were called border states.