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Jefferson City, MO , Madison, WI Jackson, MS , and Lincoln, Nebraska are named for US presidents,

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Q: Which state capitals in the Midwest region are named for which President of the US?
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What state capitals in Australia were named after queens?

No Australian state capitals were named after queens.The states of Victoria and Queensland were named after Queen Victoria.

Name two state capitals that contain a name of a US President?

Two state capitals that have United States Presidents in their name are Jefferson City, MO and Lincoln, NE. Madison, WI and Jackson, MS are two more capitals named for Presidents.

Is the Midwest the same thing as the great lakes?

No, the Midwest is a region of the country and the Great Lakes are 5 giant lakes named Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario that are located in Canada and several states in the northern United States

Are state capitals named for people?


Which capitals are named after queen Victoria?

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What are the other three state capitals named after presidents?

Four U. S. state capitals are named after U. S. Presidents:Jefferson City, Missouri: renamed Jefferson from Lohman's Landing in 1821; became a city in 1839Jackson, Mississippi: renamed from LeFleur's Bluff in 1822, before Jackson's presidencyMadison, Wisconsin: named in 1836 by purchaser James Duane DotyLincoln, Nebraska: renamed from Lancaster in 1867

Which city in the Midwest has the highest population?

Officially named the "North Central region" by the US Census Bureau until 1984, the "Midwest", or the "Midwestern United States" is just one of the four Census Bureau-defined geographic regions of the United States. The most populous cities are Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Omaha, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Wichita, and St. Louis.

How many capitals and cities are named after famous people?


Which state capital in the southeast region has a named for a president of the US?

Jackson, Mississippi seems to fit.

How did north Carolina get its capitals name?

It was named after Sir Walter Raleigh.

What two state capitals were named after the who discovered America?

Columbus and Columbia