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There are states that have both counties and boroughs (for example, each county in New Jersey is divided into boroughs), but there is no state that has boroughs instead ofcounties.

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Q: Which state has boroughs rather than counties?
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How many counties in Alaska?

Alaska has boroughs rather than counties. Alaska has 19 boroughs and one "Unorganized Borough".

What are the biggest boroughs in alaska?

Alaska has boroughs rather than counties. Alaska has 19 boroughs. Municipality of Anchorage is the most populated borough with a population of 291,826

Alaska smallest county?

Alaska doesn't have counties, but they have 'boroughs'. The smallest borough in size is the Juneau Borough. The smallest in population is the North Slope

About how many counties are there in the United states?

There are currently 3,143 counties (or equivalents of counties, e.g. Lousiana uses 'parishes' and Alaska is divided into 'boroughs' rather than counties) in the United States of America. See the related links for more information.

What state uses the word parishes?

Louisiana has land divided into parishes rather than counties.

Which state is divided onto parishes?

Louisiana is the state divided into parishes, rather than counties like most other states.

Is a county and region the same thing?

In the United States, forty-eight of the fifty states are divided into counties. Louisiana is divided into sixty-four parishes, which function much the same as counties in other states. Alaska is divided into boroughs, which function as the local government entity in Alaska, though services that are typically provided by counties or parishes in other states, might be provided by the State of Alaska rather than the borough. In fact, more than half of the geographical area of Alaska has no separate borough, and is considered the Unorganized Borough. In the Unorganized Borough, the State of Alaska provides all services, even the ones that would be provided by a borough, when such exists elsewhere in Alaska. So clearly, a county is not the same thing as a state, since where counties do exist, a state is made up of counties.

There are 254 counties in this state which is more than any other state?

Texas has the most counties among all states, with a total of 254 counties. This is more than any other state in the United States.

What is the largest geographical area in the US?

The single largest county in area in the US is San Bernardino County, California. For the top 100 counties in area, see the link below. Note that Alaska does not have "counties", but has "boroughs", which are the equivalent of counties. Five of these boroughs are larger in area than San Bernardino County. However, one of them, the "Unorganized Borough", as its name implies, has no government. Nor is it contiguous - it is simply composed of all of the areas of Alaska that are not included in formally organized boroughs. But, in any event, there are at least 4 boroughs in Alaska that, except in name, fit the definition usually applied to counties, and are larger than any "counties" in the US. The largest of these is the North Slope Borough, at over 4 times the area of San Bernardino County). In addition, there are 7 other Alaska boroughs that would make the top 100 list. These boroughs and their respective areas can be seen in the second link below.

How many counties in the state of Texas?

Texas has 254 counties. The complete list can be found in the related links section below.

Which state has more than 30 counties?


Has 254 more counties than any state?