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California has the most districts coming in at 53.

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California had the most school districts.

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Q: Which state has largest number of districts?
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How often is the number of congressional districts per state determined?

The number of congressional districts per state is determined every 10 years, after the census.

How many voting districts are there in Washington state and what they are based on?

All voting districts are divided according to population. There are ten in Washington state.

How often is the number ofcongressional districts per state determined?

Each state has two senators, but the number of congressmen are determined by population based on census figures. For instance, Mississippi had five congressional districts from 1960 to 2000. But one district was abolished when the 2000 census showed that the state had lost population.

How many congressional districts is Alabama divided into?

Alabama has seven "Congressmen" in the US House of Representatives, four Republicans and three Democrats. Women in the House are called "Congresswomen"; both are titled "Representative". In the Alabama state legislature, there are 105 State Representatives, and 35 State Senators. Alabama is unusual in that both state representative and state senate terms are four years long.

Why are some districts redrawn after a census?

why are some districts redrawn after a census? Districts are re-drawn for two reasons. The first is if population shifts change the number of Congressional representatives for a state. If the population decreases sufficiently enough relative to other states (which may mean its population has grown, but not as rapidly as other states) or if it increases sufficiently compared to other states, then it may lose or gain one or more representatives in Congress. If that happens the state's area is re-divided into the correct number of districts, with an attempt made to keep the populations of the districts fairly even. But re-districting can be done every 10 years following the Federal census, and often (not always) the legislative body within the state has the power to draw district boundaries. Whatever party is in power may choose to re-draw boundaries to make their position better by increasing the number of "safe" districts (or de-stabilizing the district of a strong opponent). "Gerrymandering" has a very long and "distinguished" history.

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Which state in country has the largest number of districts?

Uttar Pradesh in India has the largest number of districts, with a total of 75.

State with the largest number of districts in India?

Uttar Praesh

Which Us state has the largest number of districts?

California, with 53, the number of districts is based on population and is reapportioned every few years

Which state has the most number of districts in India?

Uttar Pradesh is the state with maximum number of districts in India. It has a total of 70 districts.

Which Indian state has maximum number of districts?

Uttar pradesh with 70 districts.

Which Indian State has the least number of districts?


What is the number of congressional districts in the state of Louisiana?


Who is responsible for dividing each state into the correct number of districts?

*State Legislature* *State Legislature*

How do the states create Congressional Districts for the House of Representatives?

Legislature must draw the districts so they each include roughly the same number of constituents.

Why are legislative districts different sizes?

US House legislative districts are defined by the number of voters in them: the total number of voters for the state divided by the number of districts. They will be different sizes and shapes based on population density, Demographics, and geographic considerations.Similarly, each district in a state legislature should have approximately the same number of voters.

How many colleges are in the state of Tennessee?

There are 141 school districts in Tennessee which serve approximately 1,000,000 students. The largest school districts in Tennessee are Shelby County Schools, Davidson County School District, Knox County School District, and Hamilton County School District.

How are congressional districts arranged?

The population of each state is divided into congressional districts by the number of registered voters and geographic lines. Federal congressional districts are similarly divided.