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The First Contitential Congress had absolutely no political power. It did not have the ability to do anything. It was extremely important. It showed that the 13 colonies could cooperate for their mutual benefit. Previously each one had done its own thing. The dream of cooperating had become a reality. Even though the congress had no legal authority it gave the states the ability to speak with one voice. While England refused to listen to the petitions presented by that congress, the various state legislatures listened to the decrees of their national government.

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The First Continental Congress was important because although the delegates were not ready to call for independence, they were determined to uphold colonial rights.

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The first continental congress showed unified colonial opposition to the coercive Acts.

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What group formulated a statement explaining the fair relationship between the colonies and Britain?

the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress.

Significance of when The Second Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence?

In 1776

What statement does not apply to the Second Continental Congress?

setting up a post office

Why was the meeting of the first continental congress a significance event?

It represented an attempt to unify colonies and colonists against the Coercive Acts.

What voted to boycott british trade?

Continental Congress

Which Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence?

That would be the 2nd Continental Congress!!

What statement best described the mood of the continental congress in may 1775?

The mood of the Continental Congress in May of 1775 was that there were very few delegates who actually wanted to formally break with England. The Congress met from 1774 to 1789.

The First Continental Congress drew up a Declaration of?

The First Continental Congress drew up a statement known as the Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress, also known as the Declaration of Colonial Rights, or the Declaration of Rights in 1774. It was similar to the Declaration of Rights and Grievances, but that document was drafted by a different group earlier, in 1765.

What statement describes the US Congress in the 1970s?

The democrats had mojorities in the u.s house of repss and u.s senate A+

What was the congress during the American Revolution?

Second Continental Congress

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congress has the power to declare war, the president commands the armed forces

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The First Continental Congress is a proper noun.