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the ruling of state supreme courts are always the final judgment on a matter.

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Q: Which statement is not true about state supreme courts?
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Every criminal act can be prosecuted in both federal and state courts Is this statement true or false?


Which court is the true trial court?

In many states they are the Circuit courts. In some they are the Superior Courts. In New York state it is the Supreme Court. In the federal system it is the US District Court for most matters.

The institution possessing the supreme power within the state is called the government?

True: government is the supreme power within the state.

The highest court at the state level is the state supreme court true or false?


Are state courts separate from federal courts?

all the court systems are interlinked, but the state courts make their own decision without input from federal courts

Appeals from the federal US District Courts go to the US Courts of Appeals?

The question is a true statement (usually).Under certain circumstances, cases go directly from US District Courts to the US Supreme Court, under expedited appeal. Examples are cases involving high ranking public officials, and those in which Congress specified when writing the legislation that challenges go to the Supreme Court on expedited appeal.

Is it true that federal and state cases start in different courts?

it is very true.

Is it true that the judicial branch has three levels of court?

Yes. It is true. The three levels are district, appeals, and supreme.

State courts are under the judicial branch of the state governments?


Is it true or false that sovereignty refers to the supreme absolute power of a state within its own territory?

True, a state (Country) can not be sovereign if it does not have supreme authority to rule within its own territory. true

The highest court at the state level is the state supreme cour?


Are Juries are not used in the state supreme court.?