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Several American states are named after famous women. Virginia is named after Queen Elizabeth I (the Virgin Queen). Maryland is named after Mary, Queen of Scots, and North and South Carolina are named after Queen Caroline.

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Maryland and Virginia were named for the English queens, Mary and Elizabeth, respectively.

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Q: Which states were named after women?
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What states are named after women?

Maryland, possibly Virginia.

How many states named after women?

According to the origins of state names, three states are named after women.1.) Virginia - Named for Queen Elizabeth I of England, also known as the "Virgin Queen"2.) West Virginia - This territory separated from Virginia to form a state so consequently is also named for a woman.3.) Maryland - Named for Henrietta Maria of France.

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There are only three that I know of. Virginia and West Virginia are named after Queen Elizabeth I of England, the "Virgin Queen", and Maryland is named after Queen Henrietta Maria of France. Georgia is named after King George II of Great Britain and the Carolinas are named after King Charles II of England.

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