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Gregory v. Chicago

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Q: Which supreme court case decided that demonstrations cannot be dispersed because of the unruliness of spectators?
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Why were protest effective in changing civil rights policies?

because these demonstrations make the government realize what people want for them and also there is popular media support

How are petitions and demonstrations different?

Petitions are a statement of a problem that is written down and is signed by registered voters. When a pre set number is reached it is then put into the county office for voting and the signatures on it are verified. It can now go to a lawmaker to be made into a bill and added to the ballot for the next election. A demonstration is when people march or protest an event or want to change laws. A demonstration, doesn't have to be violent like the recent ones, but it can still be powerful because people of like mind are trying to change something. In fact, MLK and Gandhi stated that demonstrations need not be violent to produce change. To produce change with violence is responding to the hate or problems with more hate. Hate on hate solves nothing.

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Because the aristocracy, which are rich, were not happy because they lost power. The regular people were unhappy because they wanted more power.

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