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idk if thats right

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Q: Which term best describes a creature with both human and robotic parts?
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What term best describes a creature with both human and robotic parts?


What is a synonym for mermaid?

A mythical creature. A fish with human parts. A human with fish parts.

What is the meaning of cyborg?

Cyborg means CYBernetic ORGinism. Meaning part human and part machine. In the Star Trek series, Seven Of Nine was a human with cybernetic implants making her a cyborg. a half man half human gay boy

Do people have robotic parts?

Yes. People have got robot parts. This one kid(he goes to my school) he has robotic legs so he can still do all the stuff he loves to do.

Are there wolf parts you can create your creature with in divinity 2 ego draconis?

No, no wolf parts. The Creature parts will be Goblin, Ghoul, or Dragon Elf pieces.

What material made the creature in Frankenstein?

The Creature was made from dead body parts.

What is vulpine?

A Vulpine is the oldest mythical creature known to mankind. A Vulpine is thought to be a creature with both human and canine features (such as standing upright thumbs, facial expressions, and other human "parts"). Vulpines, according to myths, are very intelligent, great hunters, and are good at hiding emotions.

How are robotic arms used in industry?

To assemble parts of a product quicker and cheaper than humans can do it.

Who is the winged maiden in 'Oedipus Rex'?

The Sphinx is the winged maiden in "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.).Specifically, the term Sphinx describes a creature of mixed animal and human body parts. She has the face of a beautiful woman. But her head sits on top of a lion's body out of which grow a pair of wings.

When did Thomas Bangalter get married?

he never did get married yet but i think it is mostly because of the robotic body parts.

Definition of a mythical creature?

a mythical creature is a creature which could be made up or they could be real. they can have different parts of a animal all made into 1

You were playing spore and tried to use a creature but it said this creation uses spore parts that are not installed what do you do?

the creature uses parts on games you haven`t installed on your computer like spore creepy and the cute parts