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candidates (a+) (;

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Q: Which term best represents the people competing to be elected in a campaign?
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Who are the people an elected official represents?

People who are represented by an elected official are constituents.

Who are those a US senator represents?

A US senator represents the people of his state. For any elected official, the residents of the area from which he is elected are known as his constituents.

Why is councilman important?

he is someone that represents the people in the area who is was elected by.

Who represents the regular people in the british parliament?

Duly elected members of Parliament.

Who does a US senetar represent?

A senator represents the people of the state that elected him, at least theoretically.

Who governor appointed or elected?

Most of the time, the governor of a state is elected by the people on the first Tuesday in November. It would have to be a special circumstance for a governor to be appointed. 99.99% of governors are elected.

What is likely to result from the event referred to in the headline?

the representatives will realize that campaign funding is an issue important to the people he represents

Does the president appoint the members of congress?

No. The members of the US Congress are elected by the people in the district which the Congressman represents. The senators are elected by their states.

The biggest drawback of the need for large amount of money to campaign is that?

People who cannot raise the money are denied the chance to be elected

Who does a U.S senator represent?

A U.S. senator represents the people of their state on a national level. They are elected to serve the interests and needs of their constituents and make decisions on legislation and policy that impact the entire country. Each state has two senators, who are elected by the voters of that state.

What will most likely result from the event in the headline?

The economy's slowdown will be eased.

Are representatives elected or appointed?

Each of the 435 members of the U. S. House of Representatives represents one of the 435 congressional districts in the U. S., and each is elected by the people of his/her own district.