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John Adams and John Quincy Adams, George Bush and George W. Bush.

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Q: Which two times in US history both a man and his son have been elected President Name them?
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What was the name of the President be elected to office?

Mr. President.

What was the last name of the only President to not be elected as either president or vice-president?


When was anthony kennedy elected president?

There has never been a US president by that name.

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What was the name of the president that was elected before Howard Taft?


Name of Indian president elected without opposition?

Abdul kalam

What president was unanimously elected in 1789?

George Washington was the man's name.

How do you spell the President's first name?

Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the US, elected in 2008.

Was lincoln elected president twice?

Lincoln was elected to the presidency twice.Abraham Lincoln was not elected beaces Abe was shot when he was watch a play at the ford theater form a guy name john Wilkes booth.and Abe die the next morning

How many presidents and name them have served that were never elected to the office of president of vice-president?

Johnson, Filmore, Tyler, Arthur

What is the name of the first president of America?

George Washington. He was elected on February 4, 1789.

What is the name of the person that is elected by a state to vote for president?

The Constitution just calls them "electors".