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Q: Which type of federalism is characterized by a system of separate but equally powerful state and national governments?
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Why is Federation good?

Federalism is vital when dealing with large portion size countries. Such includes: USA. Why did the Roman empire fail? The territory was too big to control under one central elite group, aka government as we know it. Federalism divides the power within its' borders with its states. There exists 1) Dual Federalism. 2) Cooperative Federalism. This excludes both types of governments (National and State) from becoming too powerful and maintaining order. Think of it as "Checks and Balances". A great analogy is described as the cake layer metaphor. It concludes that dual federalism consists of a layer cake where one layer is all chocolate and the other is all vanilla; meaning completely separate, they both have their independent laws. Cooperative Federalism consists of marble cake. There is a mix of chocolate and vanilla in the whole cake; meaning the national government can intervene with actions that require drastic circumstances such as "The Great Depression". The new deal was brought by president F.D.R. to boost the Economy which the states had no power of doing. The states can borrow money "grant-in-aid" from the national government since they don't have the power to tax. There are many ways in which federalism is a great type of government, but these examples should exemplify its great attributes to large nations. All of this to maintain order, prosperity, freedom, and peace under one nation. Questions? Diego Furlan -

Which of the following is an accurate summary of the Antifederalists' beliefs?

they thought that state government should be more powerful than national gov.

What was the reason why most governments were run by whites?

Governments are "run" by the wealthy and powerful. For most of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, most of the wealthiest and most powerful nations were European, or - as the U.S. - were founded by Europeans. For much of that period also, European powers conquered much of the rest of the world and put in place colonial governments so they could extract resources. Europeans are typically identified as "white". Today, nearly all national governments are run largely by local elites, though Europe and the U.S. still have great influence. In many nations, the wealthy and powerful of today are descendants of the European colonial powers, who have retained land and resources from that time. Often high status becomes associated with the characteristics of those people (such as lighter skin color) because of this. This combination of wealth, power and status - and the education and networks they acquire - give "white" people the inside track on governmental positions.

What is the difference between the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties?

The First Political Parties Belief DifferencesThe FederalistsStrong national governmentFear of mob ruleLoose construction (interpretation) of the ConstitutionFavored a national bankEconomy based on manufacturing and shippingThe Democratic-RepublicanLimited national governmentFear of rule by one person or a powerful fewStrict construction (interpretation) of the ConstitutionOpposed national bankEconomy based on farming

Why did the founding fathers create federalism?

The founding fathers created a government based on federalism to avoid tyranny by allowing more citizen participation through both state and national elections for public offices. The idea was also that new ideas and programs could be tested at the state level without impacting negatively the nation as whole as well as that particularly divisive state leaders could be contained within their state.

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What is the constitutional system that divides power between the national and state governments called?

Federalism is the constitutional system that divides power between the national and state government. In the USA, the National Government has reserved rights that only it can perform, such as printing money. The State and National Governments can share rights, such as the right to tax citizens. This system is used so that the National Government isn't too powerful and the people can have some control.

What were the beliefs of the the anti-federalists about loans?

They thought that state governments should be more powerful than national governments.

Which is true about the beliefs of anti-federalist?

they thought that state governments should be more powerful than national governments.

Are the most powerful governments in the world?

Apex:National governments-Amburr

Describe the doctrine of cooperative federalism?

Remember, federalism produces a dual system of gov,one in which two basic levels operate over the same people and the same territoryat the same time. as a result of this complex arrangment ,competition,tensions,and conflict are a regular and ongoing part of americas federalism

What was the major reason for the death of dual federalism?

Duel federalism is a system of government in which both the states and the national government have their own separate spheres. However, today the American federal system is one of cooperative federalism, where powers and policies are shared between the states and national government through 1) shared costs 2) Federal guidelines and 3) Shared administration. The death of duel federalism came about from the realization that the two spheres could not function without each other, and oftentimes overlapped. For instance, states take advantage of categorical grants (a major component of fiscal federalism), where the national government provides money for things such as education, in return for increased competitiveness (This is the No Child Left Behind Act). Also, the lines between national and state power have blurred, and national government has become more powerful, especially in the realm of the economy through the commerce clause. For example, in Garcia v San Antonia Metro (1985), the Supreme Court found that Congress could extend the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires employers provide minimum wage and overtime pay to employees, to state and local governments. This overturned a previous Supreme Court ruling stating that this violated the 10th amendment. In addition, Gibbons v Ogden (1824) found that the national government could regulate interstate commerce (which basically means they can regulate anything). In short, duel federalism died because it was outdated, and cooperative federalism is much more efficient. In fact, it may be impossible to return to duel federalism today, since states would have no way of paying for education, highways, welfare, or medicare on their own.

What constitutional principles was devised as a compromise between a powerful central government and a loose confederation of states?


Which is true about the beliefs of anti federalists?

i dont know but if u know send me the answer at

Which country has a very powerful powers?

There are a few countries that have very powerful powers in the government. The United States is one of the most powerful governments in the world. China also has a powerful government.

What were some arguments the Federalists Papers?

The Federalist Papers argued that the new Constitution would create a strong national government, which was needed, but it would also protect the minorities and factions. The new government would also, in the development of federalism, protect the citizen from a too powerful national government. The papers also tried to explain how each branch of the national government would function.

The most powerful government in the world are government?

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The state governments that emerged after the Declaration of Independence were committed to the idea of?

A Powerful Legislature