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Magna Carta

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Which was a European work that influenced the United States government

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Q: Which was a European work that influenced the US government?
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What was a European work that influenced the US government?

Magna Carta

Which European country has most influenced the history of the US?


How did Calvinist ideas influenced the later government of the US?


How was the US government influenced by Mesopotamia's government?

It didn’t influence the US government at all. Mesopotamia was thousands of years before the establishment of the United States.

Which Greco- Roman traditions influenced the shaping of government in the US?


How did the US government respond to German campaign against European Jews?

The US government did not do anything during the German campaign against European Jews. The US did not do anything until after WW II.

How is the European union government different from the US?

The European Union does not have a government. It is an organisation of 27 different independent countries, each of which has its own government. The USA is one country with one government.

What form of government from ancient Greece most influenced the government of the US?

The Greeks introduced democracy .

Will Nintendo Wii games bought in US Work on European Models?

Wii games are region-locked, US games for it will not work on a European console.

Which diagram accurately reflects how a historical society influenced the modern US government?

Ancient Greece >>>>> developed ideas of direct democracy -APEX

Who are 2 Enlightenment thinkers who influenced the US government?

John Locke

Why did the US send troops to grenada in 1983?

To overthrow its communist-influenced governmentTo overthrow its communist-influenced government