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Preventing mining from becoming a corporate enterprise Assisting ranchers and independent cattlemen in their conflicts with farmers. Selling 160 acres of land to any family that would farm for five years.

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Q: Which was not a way that the federal government helped the settlement of the West?
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How did government try to encourage settlement to west?

the government supported settlement of the great plans by passing the homestead act in 1862.

What were East and West Germany's government?

West Germany's government was the Federal Republic.

How the federal government asserted its power in the West?

the Federal Government asserted the power in the west by using force to stop the Whisky Rebellion.

What helped pave the way for settlement of the west?

Roads, Land, and California gold rush.

Which ordinance sold government land in the west to encourge settlement?

The Land Ordinance of 1785

With the proclamation of 1763 the british government attempted to do what?

Stop settlement west of the Appalachians Yourwelcome !

How did government and railroads encourage settlement of the west?

The government continued to pass laws to encourage people to settle the West, while the railroads made transportation from the east to the west faster and more convenient.

What where The Black soldiers who helped protect pioneers during the American settlement of the West called?

The Buffalo Soldiers.

Is West Germany republican or democratic?

Government: Federal Parliamentary republic

What helped establish the western boundaries of Virginia and North Carolina in the 1700?

rivers prevented settlement farther west.

Why did the federal government begin building the national road?

The government wanted to help the pioneers travel west.

What road was funded by the federal government that connected the east with the West?

National Road