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This is homework and you need to answer this question because your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills.

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he appeals to the crowds feelings and emotions by asking if they are proud to be romans

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Q: Which word from the passagWhich situation is an example of Brutus's use of logose is an appeal to pathos?
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What part of speech is appeal?

It is a verb. Example: You appeal to me. The present participle, appealing, can be used as an adjective. Example: that appealing man. Appeal is also a noun. Example: That show has lost its appeal.

What is a non example for plead?

A non-example for plead would be a situation where someone remains silent or refuses to ask for something, instead of making a formal or emotional appeal for a request or mercy.

Which option is an example of a persuasive appeal?

An example of a persuasive appeal is using emotional language to evoke feelings of empathy or urgency in the audience. This could involve highlighting the personal impact of a situation or issue to encourage action or support from others.

Who did appeal in order to calm Odysseus' situation with The Avengers?


What is an example of an intellectual appeal?

Intellectual appeal- includes statistics on the product Example: 5 Hour Energy

Who did athene appeal to order to calm Odysseus' situation with The Avengers?


Who did Athens appeal to in order to calm Odysseus situation with the avengers?


Who did Athene appeal to in order to calm Odysseus' situation with the avengers?


Why is this image an example of an appeal to pathos?

This image is an example of an appeal to pathos because it evokes an emotional response by showing a child with a sad expression and in a vulnerable situation, which aims to evoke feelings of empathy and compassion in the viewer. It appeals to the audience's emotions rather than logic or reason to persuade them.

What are example of testimony appeal?

His testimony appeal was not understood by court. It is a term related to law.

What is rewards appeal?

An example of reward appeal is advertising that uses prizes and bonuses for product buyers.

What does situational appeal mean?

If an advertisement or a communication of a marketer is appealing because it depicts a realistic situation to which the consumer can identify with, it will be called situational appeal niharika