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try Google. sorry. no one knows. :( :( :( I need this for homework!

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Q: Who administers the oath office to the vice president?
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Who administers the oath to the vice president on inauguration day?

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court administers the oath to the President. There is no designated person to swear in the vice-president, however. That is up to the Vice President elect.

How is the Judicial Branch involved in the Presidential inauguration?

The Chief Justice of the United States (Supreme Court) typically administers the oath of office to the incoming President. Another justice may swear in the Vice-President. Senior Justice John Paul Stevens administered the oath to Vice-President Biden at the 2008 inauguration.

Who will administer the oath of office to the vice-president elect joe biden?

The Oath of Office - Vice President-elect Jo Biden, Jr.administered by Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, John Paul Stevens

What Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court administered the Oath of Office to the Vice-President in 2009?

Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, who is the Senior Associate on the Court, flawlessly administered the Oath of Office to Vice-President Biden.

Who attends the inauguration?

The new president and vice-president begin their terms on this day and take the oath for their offices. The chief justice of the US administers the oaths. What other people are involved depends on the year and the President and the planners of the event.

Where are vice presidents sworn in?

The Vice President takes the oath of office during the same ceremony as the President. Joseph Biden will be sworn in as the new Vice President prior to Barack Obama's swearing in.

Is the oath for president and vice president the same?

No, the President's Oath is written in the Constitution. The Vice President's Oath is the same oath that members of Congress take and was not written in the Constitution, but the Constitution does require that the VP be bound by an Oath.

If the president dies does vice president act as president until remander of term?

If the President dies, the Vice-President takes the Presidential Oath of Office and becomes President of the United States. She then appoints a new Vice-President, with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Who was the first vice president ever to take oath of office following the death of an incumbent?

John Tyler was the first person to take office after a president died.

Why did Coolidge take the oath of office in vermont?

Vice President Calvin Coolidge was visiting family in Vermont when President Warren Harding died. The oath of office was administered to the new President by his father who was a Vermont notary public and justice of the peace.

When will Joe Biden be the new vice president of the USA?

As soon as he takes the oath of office at Obama's inauguration.

Who held the shortest time as vice president?

John Tyler was vice president to William Henry Harrison, a man who died about a month after taking the oath of office in 1841.