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Q: Who advised president Monroe that the US should speak boldly for itself on its policy in the Americas?
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Fortress boldly assaulted by General Wolfe spelling doom for New France?

Quebec :):) vocab term ch 6 us AP history

What was Samuel Adams' role in the American Revolution?

The American patriot, Samuel Adams (1722-1803), is often associated--along with his cousin John--with the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783. Born in Boston, Samuel Adams graduated from Harvard and pursued his love of politics. He was elected in 1765 to the Massachusetts Assembly, where he advocated republicanism and opposed British incursions on American liberties. A delegate to the Continental Congress from 1774 to 1781, Samuel Adams boldly encouraged the patriot cause with his remarkable oratorical skills, and ranked as one of the strongest advocates for independence. He inscribed his name upon the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Samuel Adams inspired his fellow countrymen with confidence and trust in a providential leading as he promoted the patriot cause throughout the revolutionary period.

Who or what is insider advantage political pollster?

Insider advantage polling is actually polling conducted by a firm called InsiderAdvantage. The company was formed in 2000 by two former political officeholders--one a Democrat, the other a Republican. Both had worked in major national political campaigns at the presidential, U.S. Senate, gubernatorial, and congressional levels. The LLC which owns InsiderAdvantage includes major investors including a large nationalnewspaper chain and a multi-billion dollars real estate investment firm. The firm utilizes a proprietary automated polling system which led to extremely accurate results in the 2008 presidential election. InsiderAdvantage was the pollster for the Washington-based political news organization Politico in the 2008 contest between John McCain and Barack Obama. The Obama campaign reportedly considered InsiderAdvantage surveys to be among the most accurate and most likely to reflect their own internal polling. In 2009, Nate Silver, founder of the popular polling/prediction website in a speech at Fordham University, named InsiderAdvantage one of the nations three most accurate national pollsters for the 2008 presidential contest. The firm is based in Atlanta, Ga but has offices and employees in Washington and Florida. In late 2008 it was announced that former CNN president for news Eason Jordan would be joining the company and the firm would launch a new project in late 2009. InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery is a former top strategist for Republican Newt Gingrich and has authored three books. He writes for Creators Syndicate and often appears on national news programs as an analyst. Towery no longer has a political affiliation and despite his conservative leanings as a columnist, boldly predicted wins by Barack Obama in key southern states such as Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida in the 2008 general election. Towery is a graduate of England's Cambridge University and Florida's Stetson College of Law.

Why is John Paul Jones considered an American hero?

John Paul Jones is a Navy Officer of the Continental Navy. One of the first. He was a Privateer gone Navy. He raided numerous ships and even attacked in British waters, where massive British ships of the line set out everyday for America.He's one of the first naval officers in the United States. He was very sucessful in raiding but he also had a few lowpoints, like a failed raid on a dockyard in Ireland.His ship was saluted by one of the french ships of the line near the end of the war. (Firing a broadside in dedication towards another ship)John Paul Jones was born in Scotland as John Paul and outlawed for piracy. He offered his services to the enemy in the American War of Independence and was given several ships to fight the British. Eventually, on the Bonhomme Richard with a small fleet he attacked his native Scotland. During a naval engagement with the British warship Serapis he said "I've not yet begun to fight" when in danger of sinking yet still managed to win. He later joined the Russian Navy of Catherine the Great.He defeated the greatest navy of that time. Therefore he gave American Patriots hope that the British could be defeated.

What are 4 facts about spartan oligarchy?

Facts about Spartan Oligarchy are:Spartans were the most developed and had the strongest culture of all the Doric Greeks. They were farmers. They existed for only about 700 years, and were eventually absorbed by the Roman Empire in the 2d century BCE. .The Spartans had a very simple hierarchical government or oligarchy. They historical records, original literature, or written laws, as these were, according to tradition, expressly prohibited by an ordinance of Lycurgus, only excluding the Great Rhetra, which was their charter or constitution.Issuance of coinage was forbidden. Spartans were obliged to use iron obols (bars or spits) for barter. This was meant to encourage self-sufficiency and discourage greed and the hoarding of wealth.Citizenship was only given to members of the city who completed arduous military training and was prepared to fight for the city. This is the first democracy orginised around the ideal of citizen soldiers.Only those who had successfully undertaken military training, called the agoge, were eligible. Usually the only people eligible to receive the agoge were Spartiates, or people who could trace their ancestry to the original inhabitants of the city although there were two exceptions. Trophimoi or "foster sons" were foreign teenagers invited to study. This was meant as a supreme honor. The other exception was sons of slaves with enough merit that they could be adopted into a Spartan Family, and serve in the army as squires. Sometimes, over long service, they would develop the necessary skills and be seconded into full military service, and be considered agoge.A Spartan citizen in good standing was one who maintained his fighting skills, showed bravery in battle, ensured that his farms were productive, was married and had healthy children.Spartan women were the only Greek women to hold property rights on their own, and were required to practice sports before marriage. Although they had no formal political rights, they were expected to speak their minds boldly and their opinions were heard.90% of the population were slaves (helots) many captured from other Greek nations.The Spartans had 2 hereditary kings of equal authority. Generally,Spartans were subject to an oligarchy of citizens at home and to a kingship when on a military campaign.They had perhaps the most strangest government ever seen, but they were also very successful in their time. They even succeeded in defeating the famed Athenians.

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Who advised president Monroe that the US should boldly speak for itself on it's policy in the Americas?

Alexander Hamilton

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