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Insider advantage polling is actually polling conducted by a firm called InsiderAdvantage. The company was formed in 2000 by two former political officeholders--one a Democrat, the other a Republican. Both had worked in major national political campaigns at the presidential, U.S. Senate, gubernatorial, and congressional levels. The LLC which owns InsiderAdvantage includes major investors including a large nationalnewspaper chain and a multi-billion dollars real estate investment firm. The firm utilizes a proprietary automated polling system which led to extremely accurate results in the 2008 presidential election. InsiderAdvantage was the pollster for the Washington-based political news organization Politico in the 2008 contest between John McCain and Barack Obama. The Obama campaign reportedly considered InsiderAdvantage surveys to be among the most accurate and most likely to reflect their own internal polling. In 2009, Nate Silver, founder of the popular polling/prediction website in a speech at Fordham University, named InsiderAdvantage one of the nations three most accurate national pollsters for the 2008 presidential contest. The firm is based in Atlanta, Ga but has offices and employees in Washington and Florida. In late 2008 it was announced that former CNN president for news Eason Jordan would be joining the company and the firm would launch a new project in late 2009. InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery is a former top strategist for Republican Newt Gingrich and has authored three books. He writes for Creators Syndicate and often appears on national news programs as an analyst. Towery no longer has a political affiliation and despite his conservative leanings as a columnist, boldly predicted wins by Barack Obama in key southern states such as Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida in the 2008 general election. Towery is a graduate of England's Cambridge University and Florida's Stetson College of Law.

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Q: Who or what is insider advantage political pollster?
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