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insider trading

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Q: What is it called when a congressmen knows where to buy realstate to profit from public works?
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Who receives the profit of Public Limited Companies?

citizens of the country are the beneficiaries of the profit owned in a public limited company as it is owned by the governmental bodies of that country,so the profit is reused to make roads and other public facilities.

How profitable is master's in public health?

The primary motivator in public health is not to profit but to serve. Without this attitude you will not succeed. Without sucess you will not profit.

Are the kiwana's a non profit organization?

Do you mean Kiwanis? If so, it is a non profit but not a public charity.

People who have money to invest in business to make a profit are called .?

Generally, such a person is called an investor or part-owner. If we are talking about a public business, this person is a stockholder.

Is Gibbs college for profit or non- profit?

Gibbs college is a for profit private school. This is as opposed to most state colleges which are not public schools and not working to turn a profit.

Is University of Phoenix is public or private?


What are similarities public finance and private finance?

the private is here to absorve profit which the public secte is not.

What is the difference between Public admimistration from business administration and public management?

The difference between public administration and business administration is that the study of the latter focuses on for-profit, private sector management while the former is the study of non-profit and government management. The term "public management" might be viewed as analogous to "public administration".public administraion means to administor the government organizations and private administration means to administor the private sector organization inother words it also called business administration.

Is a non profit constitution open to public?

i think so

What are similarities between public finance and private finance?

the private is here to absorve profit which the public secte is not.

What are the Characteristics of a Public Organization?

aim is to make profit they are subject to public shown their account perpetual succession

Is it against the law to work on your own in an estate agents that is used by the general public coming in off the street?

yes it the law you have to have a business license to sale realestate. you have to go college to all the and a get a collesge degree and take classes on becomeing a realstate person or office mgr