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The Senate must approve high level appointments before they can take effect. They do not always give their approval.

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whell when the appointment was made your mom when to the senate and suckd there c**k to get it approved =P

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Q: Who approves presidential appointment?
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What is the senate check on appointments of federal judges?

The Senate has no check on the appointments of federal judges.

Who approves presidential appointment to federal judges?

The Senate must approve the nomination by a simple majority (51%) of those voting,

Who approves the appointment supreme court justices?

The US president appoints the justice and the US Senate approves the appointment.

Does the Senate approve appointments?

yes the senate approves an appointment

What is the senates check on appointments on federal judges?

it approves their appointment

Who approves nomination made by president?

The Senate approves (or rejects) all Presidential nominations.100% Legislative Branch.

A presidential appointment is confirmed?

By the senate

Who is a presidential appointment approved by?


Who approves the presidents appointments?

The Senate has the power to approve presidential appointments. == ==

Who proposed staggered terms for the Senate and the appointment of judges by the President at the Constitutional Convention?

poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopThe Judicial branch of government approves appointment of judges.

Who has to the power to approve presidential appointments and ratify treaties?

The Legislative Branch can ratify treaties; The Senate approves Presidential Appointments

Who approves presidential appointments to the Supreme Court?

Appointments to the Supreme Court are nominated by the President and approved by the United States Senate. There is a hearing, and one more than half of the Senate must approve in the affirmative for the appointment to be valid.