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The Legislative Branch can ratify treaties; The Senate approves Presidential Appointments

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Q: Who has to the power to approve presidential appointments and ratify treaties?
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What is to approve amendments or treaties?


Who Can override presidential veto Can impeach and remove president Can reject president's appointments and refuse to ratify treaties Can conduct investigations into president's actions?

Legislative over the execitive

Why does the senate approve treaties?

The Constitution requires the Senate to ratify treaties. Until the Senate approves them, they are not in force. The Senate does not automatically approve all treaties that the President sends to them.

The power to ratify treaties and approve presidential appointments is held by?

The Constitution of the United States gives the power to make treaties to the President. However, the Senate needs to consent to any treaties by a 2/3 majority vote.

Who can reject President's appointments and refuse to ratify treaties?

According the United States Constitution, the US Senate can refuse the president's appointments. It can also reject treaties that have been agreed to by the president.

Is ratify a verb?

Yes. It means "to approve or endorse."Treaties and constitutional amendments are ratified.

Who must approve any treaties that are made by the US with foreign countries?

In the US, only the Federal Government can do this; states cannot do this individually.

Who has the right to appoint the judges in supreme court?

The US President. Congress however has to ratify the Presidential appointments.

What means to approve and is what states must do to proposed Constitutional amendments and the Senate must do to treaties just to name a few?


Which branch gives advice and consent for the treaties?

The Secretary of State typically negotiates treaties. The Senate must ratify any treaty before it become binding.

What is to approve?


What does it means to ratify smoething?

To ratify something is to approve